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"Stumbled upon me by accident? That's all right, we can sit down, have a nice chat. I like good conversation. Provided I'm not working a job, then you're getting in my way... That might not go so well for you. 'Stumbling' upon me on purpose means one of two things: You either have work for me or you've come to kill me. If it's the former, I'm all ears; if it is the latter then that does not surprise me, but you shall leave sorely disappointed."

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fill out with mun information ;



name: Shay
date of birth: February 6th
zodiac sign: Aquarius
gender: Female
eye color: Brown/blonde/grey
hair color: Brown
height: 5.2”
scars: A lot: some on my upper thighs, one my knee, a couple on my left arm, one on my forehead, probably others idk, I have a lot.

burns: Until recently none, know i’m likely going to be marked on my left pinky and right index finger.
over weight: Yep.
under weight: No


color: Blue.
hair color: idc?
eye color:  idc about this either
song: Changes all the time. Right now it’s Man Overboard by Puscifer
t.v show: So many oh man but um: RWBY, Hannibal, Once Upon a Time, & Lost Girl are prob. my fave faves atm.
food: Pasta, rice and noodle dishes, ice cream, pomegranates, mangoes & peanut butter.
drink: Tea, Cherry Coke & Irn Bru.

video game: Pokemon (esp. GSC and their remakes), BioShock & Resident Evil. 
ice cream flavor: Coconut, peanut butter & strawberry.


had sex: Nope.
had sex in public: My first answer answers this.
gotten pregnant: Nooo.
kissed a boy: Yes
kissed a girl: Yes
gotten piercings: Yes (Although I no longer have them.)
smoked or drank: No & yes
had a broken heart: no.
been in love: Pff
needed surgery: Minor surgery.


a virgin: In the sense of not ‘done the do’ but other things have occured.
a cuddler: Kind of? 
a kisser: Eh. 
scared easily: Nope.
jealous easily: Depends.
trustworthy: I’d hope so.
dominant: -Laughs really loudly-
submissive: Very much so.
in love: Nooo.
single: Yes.
in a relationship: -More laughing-
considered mean: Not really? But I can have my moments.


have you harmed yourself: Yes, intentionally and unintentionally.
thought of suicide: … Yes.
attempted suicide: No.
killed someone: No.
wanted to kill someone: No beyond that ott anger where you’re like “I could strangle them!” but not seriously.
who did you kiss last: My aunt on the cheek?
last text: No idea I haven’t texted anyone in like a week.
drove a car: I can’t drink.
have/had a job: Nope.
favorite soda/pop: 7Up.
do drugs: No.

  • You’re dressed as a sexy cop and oh god please arrest me AU


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This is supposed to happen the first time Persephone is back to the Underworld….so I went and made a sequel for a comic that hasn’t even happened yet. Wibbly wobbly timey wimey….

Did I regret anything? No. No I don’t. 

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He kidnapped her

Against her will

Thanks fo her father after her father raped her

She starved herself to get out of his place

twhere do people read romance into this, where??ßß1ßewkofp *flops over*

Thanks for continue to focus on the kidnapping part which is not the point of this myth. 

Life and Death, the balance between them and the changes they cause, and the origin and meaning of the seasons cycle, on the other hand, are the real points. 

Thanks for also persisting in the idea of Persephone as a passive figure. Kidnapped, raped, silenced, with no saying or power over anything (except for maybe starved herself because there are so many different versions of this myth that it’s difficult to keep track of them, did you know that apparently there is a version where she and Hades plot together?)

Thanks for also forgetting that she’s a goddess on her own and becomes Queen and Hades’ equal and actually they’re most stable marriages in the myths. 

Thank you, you’ve enriched this post by telling me things I already know but I don’t care about. (◡‿◡✿)

Reblogging for the bitchin’ commentary and also to add that if anyone wants to read the most current (and IMO accurate) studies on Greek mythology and women’s lives, Women in Greek Myth by Dr. Mary Lefkowitz is invaluable (and incredibly inexpensive for an academic book).

The confusion comes from “Zeus” which is almost a title for a supreme god (think of the way “Caesar” was used). So you have Heavenly Zeus and Infernal Zeus, and they are not the same god but rather the supreme ruler of the sky and underworld, respectively. Likewise Persephone became known as “Infernal Hera” and this naming scheme persisted well into the Roman Empire, where Pluto and Proserpina are referred to as “Infernal Juno” and “Jupiter of Dis” in Book 6 of the Aeneid as well as on many grave monuments and in spells.

Moreover, gods don’t need to eat. Persephone refusing to eat was her refusing to become a part of the Underworld, not her attempting to starve herself. The gods are defined as being deathless, and in Ancient Greek “deathless” is synonymous with “god”. (Cf. Theogony, Works and Days, any of the Homeric Hymns, etc.) The Homeric Hymn to Demeter is really clear about this. (HH 2 370-4, 393-403.)

The marriage of Persephone and Hades is actually the most loving and consensual union among the Olympian deities. Hades first offers a dowry designed specifically to please Persephone (HH 2 10-14.), then carries her off and keeps her as a guest of honour in his house. (HH 2 341-345) Persephone is referred to as αἰδοίῃ παρακοίτι - his reverent wife. “Reverent” here refers to a respect for one’s duty, and the similarity between the pronunciation of αἰδοῖος an “Hades” is deliberate and intended to show how well-matched they are. Persephone misses her mother, yes, but is not overly upset about her marriage to Hades. Even Anchises expresses more regret over his union with Aphrodite. (HH 5 185-190.) Finally, as a proper parent, Demeter is rewarded for giving up her daughter, and offers a gift to the other gods in turn. (HH 2 441-495.)

It is worth noting that Demeter is given a position of remarkable power in this myth and is in many ways treated as or better than a father would be. The focus of the hymn remains the relationship between mother and daughter, and emphasises that it is a bond that can endure even after a woman leaves to marry. More importantly, the Homeric Hymn to Demeter is an etiological myth for the Thesmophoria and the Eleusinian Mysteries, a woman-only festival and the most enduring mystery cult of the ancient world. HH 2 serves to anchor women firmly in religious and family life and sets some fairly idealised standards for husbands. Many issues arise when attempting to interpret this myth into a modern context, which is why it is so important to understand that the myth was created over three thousand years ago and is largely a historical document reflecting the mores of the time.

This is the last time I’m reblogging this strip. I edited the original post because I’m really tired of this discussion, but latining’s comment is just perfect and flawless and really educating and everyone interested in this myth should read it. 


Also like to point out that Hades and Persephone were one of, if not the, most faithful divine couples in Greek mythology. 

Compare that to Zeus, who slept with anything that moved.

This comic is beautiful and adorable, and the commentary is (if you’ll pardon the pun) divine.  A++, FAVORITE MYTHOLOGICAL COUPLE, WOULD FALL IN LOVE WITH THEM AGAIN.

Beautiful commentary. God, I love mythology. 

what if hannibal told cheesy jokes instead of implying cannibalism?

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Female BAMFs Throughout History


Blueberry oatmeal yogurt pancakes



    — ” No dogs’ve passed by here,
                 sorry to disappoint. “

"You sure? Ah, I suppose he isn’t
hard to miss. Big thing, grey and
white, probably running about like
he ate a ton of sugar.. Named him
Nova for a reason. My d—” She
stopped herself at the first syllable,
that was not something that needed
to be shared. “My dear friend thought
he’d be good for me., so.. it’s important
I find him is all.”

tag animal cruelty posts plz.